Overall reviews highlight Magento Enterprise as the best eCommerce platform both for enterprises and fast-growing companies

When choosing an eCommerce software to build and develop your webshop and grow conversions in time, the first thing to think about is the requirements imposed by the size, the type and the organization of your business in general. Today, there are many all-in-one software solutions for eCommerce and these are a great answer for a simple webshop management requirement and a linear buyer experience. However, when you’re venturing into the world of e-businesses and are starting an online store, future growth and diversification of your business services should be taken into consideration.

Basically, the bigger your business gets the more options and unique requirements will be needed to grow even further while adding important functionalities to your eCommerce software. When it comes to enterprises, a one-size-fits-all solution won't be viable in the first place, no matter how good the software is.

This is why we scoured some of the most authoritative business websites whose teams tried and tested the most popular eCommerce softwares available today. The results were less than surprising for us since we have been fanatics of this platform for years and we are talking about Magento Enterprise Edition, the software solution to be declared the best.

Magento Enterprise Edition is a scalable, open-source, super-powered solution that adapts to your specific requirements as your business grows in time. Its superiority relies in rich, out-of-the-box features easily customizable to help you run your online store in line with your vision and a user-centered approach.

Why is Magento Enterprise different than any other eCommerce software?

Magento Enterprise is serious about business and what we like the most, it’s very serious in making your business a good one that survives in time. And if your vision is creative and has potential, this solution is going to take you from point A to point Z with no fuss.

Rounding up all Magento Enterprise features would make this post a mile long but we can tell  you what the features let you do/achieve:

  • target your potential customers by buying history/demographic profile
  • engage visitors with tailored offers/vouchers/coupons
  • employ onsite User Generated Content for additional promotion on social media
  • enable user-friendly URLs, a sitemap and customizable meta tags for best results in search engine rankings (in line with today’s SEO best practices)
  • conversion boosting and product category optimization with Visual Merchandiser (drag-and-drop interface)
  • segmenting customers by demographic criteria and their buying history in your shopping cart
  • product recommendations by segment or to entire customer database
  • product filtering by price, color and category
  • integrated solr search
  • advanced pricing rules

Even if this didn’t impress you so far, Magento’s biggest pro is customization; it lets you customize everything from website design, to webshop interface and functional processes. It enables you to design, implement and manage your webstore just like you imagined it, also allowing you to add features as your business needs grow.

How do I implement Magento?

Magento development

Magento is an open-source solution which means you can use it as it comes, tweak it, adapt it, change it to fit your business model. You will be able to find hundreds and hundreds of extensions and plug-ins that offer all kinds of customization, either by joining the Magento community or outsourcing the job to Magento certified professionals such as we are.

Every time you need a new feature or adjustments, with Magento you will be able to implement all changes super-fast.



How much does Magento Enterprise Edition cost?

Cost-effectiveness is another reason why Magento is considered the number 1 provider on the internet retailer top 1000 list*. There are no monthly subscriptions or limits to number of categories, products, users or transactions. The Magento Enterprise solution does come at a cost that may seem like a more substantial investment but if you think of it as a permanent solution that grows with your business, the cost is very much an affordable one in the long run.

If you would like to find out how much Magento Enterprise would cost you, send us a quick email at zaproo@zaproo.com. We can also provide you with a cost breakdown for doing all the job for you, from Magento Enterprise implementation to all the support services you may need to run your business to the maximum of its potential. Even if you just have a question, we’re more than happy to talk Magento any time!





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