Once you have your webshop up and running, gaining traffic and visibility is the next step to establishing yourself within the marketplace you operate. Targeting your potential customers can be overwhelming and difficult if you don’t know the rules of search marketing and how to implement a good SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEM (search engine marketing) campaign.

With most customers hunting for products and services through search engines and clicking on top of the page search results, making sure your website ranks among the first few is more important than ever. Our team of digital wizards is equipped with technical knowledge, years of  experience and insights into search marketing campaigns that actually work.

To help you gain truly relevant traffic that converts into returning visitors and customers, we work on your:

  • organic search engine optimization
  • paid search campaigns

From optimizing each page on your website, all content, and handling your paid social media and AdWords campaigns, we get you ROI-driven results.

We are also very good at designing a content marketing campaign built around your brand’s identity and values, as well as targeting all internet users searching for products in your marketplace.

We reach out to potential customers by:

  • getting your products reviewed and featured by relevant online influencers
  • building a social media audience and engaging them with your brand
  • publishing weekly content on your website to both engage existing users and increase organic traffic (non-paid search results)
  • implementing social media and email marketing campaigns that lead to users completing specific calls to action
  • implementing a loyalty program to make sure your customers stick around and talk about your products to their peers

Brand loyalty can only be built by excellence of service and providing engaging content to your potential customers. We are experts at that!