Magento certified developers

Magento certified developerWhether you are just starting out and building your eCommerce website or you already own an online shop in Magento, at some point you will probably need IT support to develop the website further. In order to meet all the technical and creative needs of a fully functional and trustworthy online store, often it is simply not enough to rely on a team of professionals who are not experienced in working with eCommerce platforms.

Magento is the best and most comprehensive software solution for eCommerce chosen by many Fortune 500 brands. It is a software that will bring many outstanding benefits to a business owner on a small scale as well as a multinational brand with complex technical requirements and structure. Its 2 products, Magento Community which is free for everyone and Magento Enterprise that comes at a reasonable price, have proven to be the most effective open source eCommerce platforms by all means. To read more about the advantages of using Magento, please go to our previously published article on this particular topic.

In today’s article we felt it was worth discussing the importance of working with experienced Magento developers in order to be able to implement all Magento features to their full extent. Sure, there are many of you who feel they are skilled enough to venture into building and upgrading their online store with no help from the outside, but are you sure you will be as effective and efficient as an experienced Magento developer would? For that and to avoid any type of bugs, we strongly advise you to hire a professional instead of roaming in the dark until you think you hit the lights.

Where to find Magento developers

eCommerce web developerIt is not so hard to find Magento developers as it is choosing one that will understand your particular vision and brand. With a simple Google search you will be able to browse through many IT & website development agencies, as well as companies offering services related to Magento support. However, even if a particular Magento developer profile or company gets your attention, we encourage you to be very selective and extend your search until you truly are confident the person or company you hire is the one for the job.

The questions that you need to ask are what type of brands have already worked with the team; how have they helped a brand to organise and structure an online store; what type of support do they offer during and after implementing or upgrading in Magento; how fast do they work to resolve any problem or issue the website may encounter in time.

Make sure to look up their previous clients and get the feel of how these Magento professionals work. Be picky and don’t hesitate to ask any questions regarding how these people can really help you build a great website just like you envisioned it. Always look out for professionals with experience in building Magento for clients in different industries and offering a variety of products and services.

With Magento, experience is key to understanding all the endless possibilities the platform offers. A team of professionals who have gained years of experience working with the software will be more versatile in offering you multiple solutions to any requirement you may have. They will be able to think more creatively in terms of effectiveness, originality and customisation.

Should I hire Magento certified developers?

First of all, we should clarify what does exactly mean to be Magento certified. When a professional is awarded a Magento certification, that means that Magento trusts this individual to provide web development solutions to eCommerce using the platform. As stated on the Magento website, a Magento certified developer has demonstrated a thorough understanding of Magento’s architectural concepts and the ability to customize Magento according to best practices. Moreover, the exam to become certified is aimed at developers who have already worked in Magento and have experience with the platform.

So, to put it plainly, hiring a very good developer with little experience with Magento may not help your cause. Hiring an experienced developer who has worked with Magento and for clients in different industries is great. Hiring an experienced developer who has worked in Magento and for clients in different industries and, on top of that, holds a Magento certification, is the best possible option.

cost effective web developemtHow much will it cost me to get a certified and experienced developer?

This is probably the question that matters the most, right? It’s obvious that a developer with no certification will cost you less and save you money in the short term. However, if you take into consideration that investing in your eCommerce website and making it as effective as possible is actually the most important investment in the long term, saving up is not a good idea.

We’re not saying you need to splurge large amounts of money on fancy agencies but we do encourage you to choose experienced and certified developers for a fair price. The best thing would be to draft a shortlist of people or companies you consider to be a good fit and ask them to send you in quotes that specify what you will get for the fees included in the quote. Once you identify the developer or company that has worked with relevant clients or you like their portfolio and their quote is more than fair, you got yourself a winner!

We at Zaproo are a team of experienced Magento certified developers working around the clock to support and consult with our client. If you have any question for us, shoot us an email and we will be more than happy to answer ASAP.