Backend / Frontend development

Very Personal Care for Exceptional Hair.

Because women see their hair as an intimate expression of their identity, Kérastase offers them very personal care for exceptional hair, combining the expertise of the best hairdressers in the world with the knowledge of scientific teams working at the forefront of hair research.

Full development of NodeJs application

Data reporting application for Government entities

Centralised reporting platform for reporting yealy financial activities.

UX optimisations, UI redesign, Full backend development, 3rd party integrations

Department store for home-related items.

Kodutarve is highly successful Estonian company which focuses on selling home-related items.

Full backend development, 3rd party integrations

Department store online.

eCommerce site with the mission to change your every day shopping habits..

Full development, UX/UI design

Teeviit is web-platform, that helps you to create your professional CV online.

A great support for the young people who are looking an enviroment to create their first CV.

UI Design, UX, Frontend development

The online professional around car parts & accessories..

Your online professional, your partner when it comes to car parts.

Full backend development, 3rd party integrations, site optimisations

Passion for bags since 1879.

Company with over 100 years of experience selling the most exclusive brands of bags and suitcases..