Our story

Our team working at Zaproo feels it’s important to let all of the clients know whose hands are going to be handling their projects. This is why we want to tell you who we are and what we love to do.

Our story began in the early 2000s, and since then, it has all been a rollercoaster ride. A good and pleasant one.

Our core team members have been working in the IT field for more than 20 years now, specializing in various fields of software development starting from 2005.

Since the beginning, we have worked on more than 100 projects, building, coding, designing and deploying e-commerce stores as well as the online presence of small to mid-sized businesses.

Our biggest success is not our story but the story of our clients, the story of how we delivered on our promises and contributed to their business growth.


Our awards

Throughout the years, we have been honored to receive awards for the work of our developers. We are proud to present to you the awards our team members earned with hard work and full dedication to our clients and their businesses.


Wadline Awards

Awarded with Wadline top web developer badge.


Clutch Top eCommcerce

Awarded with top eCommerce developer in Estonia


Bisnode Credit rating

Awarded with AA credit worthiness rating by Bisnode.

Our partners

We partner with some of the most prestigious business technology service providers worldwide. These partnerships are very important to us since working with such renowned business & technology solution brands is the best guarantee of service quality we can give to our clients when working on their projects.


Magento business solution partner

One of the most popular and reliable open eCommerce platforms worldwide. More than 100,000 online shops have been created on Magento up until today.


SAP PartnerEdge

SAP PartnerEdge is a SAP program and it enables us to implement, sell, develop and deliver all SAP products to our clients.

Core Team

Our core team includes Indrek, a leader in the IT field since 2000 and a successful software developer since the early 2010s; Jaanek, coding softwares since 2005; and Tuuli, our project manager making clients happy and fulfilling their business needs for more than 5 years now.


Indrek Pihor



Jaanek Liiskmaa

Tech lead


Tuuli Piirsalu

Project lead

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Sectors we have served

Throughout the years we have served many sectors; while we do not have a favorite one, every sector and industry business we worked with has contributed to our growth, knowledge and helped us specialize in offering IT services to a wide array of niche markets.

Public sector

We served a number of clients in the public sector, adapting our technology to the specific needs of organizations active in this market.



A fast, always-changing marketplace, we worked with clients who needed very adaptable, scalable, and always up-to-date platforms.



When it comes to logistics, data management, scalability, lots of functionalities are key. That is exactly what we granted to our customers active in the logistics market.


Pharmacy sector

We served a number of clients in the pharmacy sector, adapting our technology to the specific needs of organizations active in this market.



The portray of beautiful places, an easy to navigate website with strategically placed information may sound like an easy job to do, but there is so much behind giving life to this concept. We made sure our clients in the travel industry were satisfied with what they got: a beautiful, user-friendly experience platform.



When it comes to selling wholesale merchandize online, it’s all about an easy to navigate, easy to check out platform. We had the opportunity to work on numerous wholesale projects, therefore becoming experienced in this particular niche.



The automotive sector is a very demanding one, requiring product catalogs, easy to browse menus, checkouts, fast and reliable navigation. That’s exactly what we provided to our clients.



When it comes to retail, it’s about two things: making the brand recognizable and providing a shopping platform that offers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience to all users. Custom applications, superb UX/UI designs and unique product page conception are our specialty!


Our values

Our values are simple and these include doing something we love in a professional, structured, highly specialized way.

We are a work-driven environment that is also friendly, welcoming, and warm. Our team and our clients are part of a family, Zaproo’s family - that is our most important achievement


Data driven results

we provide data driven results to our clients.


Request into challenge

we turn every request into an achievable challenge.


Long term relationships

we build long term relationships so the client can always trust us to come back.


Being there for our clients

being always at a client’s service, even just for a quick consultation.


Making clients' day

always looking to make a client’s day because that certainly makes our day too.


Never stop innovating

we never stop implementing new technology at our hands, never.

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