Magento is now Adobe Commerce: Everything you need to know

When the news that Magento was being acquired by Adobe surfaced, along with benefits, some challenges of this event were stated, which made the business owners reconsider the platform they are using. Is the partnership of two giants going to work flawlessly in the end?

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Should you design an ecommerce app to increase your mobile sales?

In our previous articles available for reading in this section, we have published more than one post analysing the impact of mobile marketing and strategy on ecommerce and how much mobile websites can grow conversions over time. Today we want to take a step further and weigh in on the question that many online entrepreneurs have been puzzled with: do I really need a mobile ecommerce app on top of having a mobile-optimised website?

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Our 101 Guide to Digital Experience Platforms (DXP)

For any company to be relevant and generate revenue, their customers should be their first priority, and with customers today expecting consolidated and consistent digital experiences across all touchpoints, businesses have started turning towards Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs). When it comes to digital technologies used by businesses, it comprises of search, portals, analytics, distribution, content management systems (CMS), and more.

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The Importance of Trust Badges for Ecommerce and How to Get the Most Popular Ones

Holiday season is ever so important as well as hectic for ecommerce platforms, and almost every single ecommerce website out there will encounter some of the busiest sales days of the year. It is during this time of the year when online shopping increases by a considerable percentage.

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