5 eCommerce free tools every online store owner should try out now
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eCommerce owners have a handful of tasks to tackle each and every day in order to make their business a successful one that earns them a decent pay to go by. Even if your online store is just a hobby to earn a few more bucks each month, it can be a real challenge to make sure the time, money and patience you invested in managing your store pays back by bringing in financial rewards.

The beauty of today's internet marketing is that there are more and more absolutely free tools you can use to speed up, automate or manage faster your eCommerce. In the past years, most of these apps and softwares were not free at all but featured one or two free options that could not really deliver any long-term benefits to users. As competition among software and app developers rose, today you have many amazingly useful free tools you can use to make your life easier and without spending a cent on it.

If you thought that only subscription-based and costly softwares gave you great managing options and consequently, an advantage over your competition, think again. Thanks to web advertising, today these softwares come for free as more users who use the software mean money to developers thanks to advertising and sponsoring options available to them online.


Where to start from?

At this point, the real challenge becomes understanding what tool may become essential to you and which ones are worth trying in the first place. Googling something like "free eCommerce software" will give you literally hundreds of results and if you are not sure what you're out for, looking for a good managing tool becomes like searching for a needle in a stack. You may end up wasting hours and hours downloading free eCommerce tools available out there just to have them sit on your desktop without ever putting them to real use.

This is why we rounded up the top 5 eCommerce free tools every online store owner will benefit from and use on a daily basis.

1. Google Apps

Google apps for work

Google has come up with a number of apps you can use on all your devices (including your mobile) that make your life so so much easier. Even though some Google Apps for work do not come free, the ones you really need are free for all users.

In particular, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are cloud-based apps that you can create and edit wherever, whenever. Once you create a document, report, slide presentation, you store it in the cloud and access it from any device via your Google account. Moreover, you can share these documents with your employees and partners who will be able to edit the same documents in real time.


2. Pixlr

Free photo editing tool

Design softwares usually come at a price and professional design softwares can cost you hundreds of dollars you may not have. However, there are free design softwares out there that enable you to create, edit and play with images just like a professional would.

With Pixlr, you will crop, retouch, correct, resize images that you can then use in various formats for your online store. Pixlr also lets you remove or edit backgrounds, create any kind of artwork including logos and product mockups with an fully-functional editor.

3. Evernote

Free sticky notes and reminder app

How many times have you forgotten about a task simply because it became a real nightmare to keep track of all your sticky notes? Evernote is an app that lets you create digital notes, to-do sheets, reminders and shopping lists all in one place and in the cloud. This means you will have access to all your daily notes in one place from any of your devices.

The thing we love about Evernote is its user-friendly design. Some similar apps which got high user-ratings are quite tricky to navigate and it takes you some time to figure out all editing options and functions. With Evernote it's actually fun to plan your days ahead.

4. Mint

If you need  to be frequently updated on your budget and finances, small eCommerce owners can benefit greatly from Mint. This is a super useful tool to have all of your budget data on the go. Once you give this tool permission to view your financial data via your online bank count, it'll start to learn your spending habits, expenditures and where the earnings come from. All this data will be used to categorize your financial ins and outs in one place, as well as managing budgets and finances on your behalf.

Yes we know, sounds almost like a thing from the future but in reality these kind of apps have been around for a while and with Mint your data is secure which is the most import an thing. It's the perfect tool to keep all your finances under control with just one click of the mouse or phone key.

5. Buffer

Social media management app

One of the most time-spending activities connected to your eCommerce is building up your social media community. To do that you will need to engage on various social media frequently and regularly and that can become quite a hassle if you're not a social media addict in your private life.

A good way to be present on social media and interact with your audience without having to check all your Twitter or Facebook accounts at all times is by switching to Buffer. With Buffer you will be able to connect your Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin to the software and stream social media accounts simultaneously in one place. You will also have the options to schedule posts and Tweets, respond directly to comments, view re-posts and re-tweets, and track social media campaign performances for free.

This list is certainly not comprehensive when it comes to all the popular eCommerce tools you can download for free however, it is a very good starting point to make your online life so much easier and clutter-free.

If you have a suggestion or would like to ask us to review an app you're interested in, feel free to share with us and we'll be more than glad to do so!


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