The 10 Best Business Podcasts that Will Get You Inspired to Succeed
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As an entrepreneur, you are most likely to be constantly on the prowl to acquire new skills, learn new business strategies, and gather as much information as you can to increase the growth of your business. While people attained such knowledge by reading books and attending seminars back then, things have changed now, and podcasts have become one of the go-to resources for business owners to gain that inspiration they need to succeed.

From simple, straightforward conversations, to professional interviews, there is a lot of knowledge and information you can gather from business podcasts; and the fact that you don’t have to set aside exclusive time to listen to them is an additional bonus, because you can listen to a podcast when you are on a flight, working out at the gym, or even during your daily commute to work.

So, if you are new to the business world, or in need of some motivation and inspiration to take your business to the next step, here are the 10 best business podcasts you should listen to!

10 Business Podcasts to Put On Your List in 2020!

1. The Tim Ferriss Show

Having been ranked #1 among more than half a million podcasts several times, The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the few business podcasts you will find on almost all best business podcasts list. In this podcast, the host, Tim Ferriss, interviews successful people from different industries, including business, entertainment, and sports, about their routines, insights, tactics, and more, giving business owners several interesting and useful information they can use.

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2. Entrepreneurs on Fire

In this award-winning podcast, the host, John Lee Dumas, who is an entrepreneur himself, interviews business leaders to help his listeners gather different business strategies and get inspired to increase the pace of their business, thereby attaining financial freedom and lead a life they always wanted.

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3. How to Start a Startup

As the name suggests, this podcast is an excellent resource that any budding entrepreneur can use. Right from the steps to be taken before the startup, to everything involved in running the business, a myriad of topics is covered as individual episodes, with numerous tips and tricks from world experts.

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4. How I Built This

Hosted by Guy Raz, this business podcast is again one of the widely preferred ones, which provides listeners with insights into how some of the biggest businesses and brands around the world were built. The host talking to the founders of many such companies and having them share their real-life experiences is the highlight of this podcast.

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5. Beyond the To-Do List

As an entrepreneur, if you are finding it hard to get a proper balance between your work and personal life, constantly lacking in productivity, then this IS the podcast you should listen to. The host, Erik Fisher, focuses on just the thing any entrepreneur works toward – to live a meaningful life, and you are sure to gather a lot of inspiration from people who have learnt to move forward after struggles in the context.

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6. Smart Passive Income

Have an online business? Smart Passive Income is your type of business podcast. This award-winning podcast brings to you new strategies and approaches from experts, which you can use to grow your online business, thereby increase your profits.

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7. EntreLeadership

Looking for some leadership tips and advice to bring out that leader in you? Benefit from implementing insights from leadership experts, like Simon Sinek, and well-known entrepreneurs, like Mark Cuban, by adding EntreLeadership to your business podcasts list.

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8. The Introvert Entrepreneur

Hosted by author, coach, and speaker, Beth Buelow, The Introvert Entrepreneur carries discussions and interviews on both business and life, providing the introvert in you the necessary inspiration, tips, and resources to excel in your business.

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9. The James Altucher Show

In this business podcast, the host, James Altucher, interviews the peak performers in the world, from different industries, such as athletes, authors, rappers, actors, comedians, and more, digging deep inside their stories, thereby helping his listeners create fulfilling lives just like his interviewees.

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10. Millionaire Mindcast

Hosted by Matt Aitchison, a millennial entrepreneur, this podcast is focused at aspiring millionaires from different walks of life, helping them create their dream life, doing the right things and taking the right steps.

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