Holiday & Christmas Promotion Ideas for Your Web Shop
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With Christmas looming on the horizon, more consumers are opting to shop from home instead of braving the crowded stores and malls. Now is the ideal time to promote your web shop and draw shoppers to your site.

The holiday season is the greatest time of year for you to collect in valuable revenue. During the Christmas season, holiday shoppers are estimated to spend an average of $730 per person on gifts, decorations, and holiday food, according to the National Retail Federation. Creating an optimum marketing plan for the holidays garners an ideal revenue return.

Take ten key days this month to think up promotional ideas to inspire the interest of holiday shoppers. Then you can reap the seasonal financial return that so many retailers enjoy this time of year.

Holiday Themes

website holiday themes

Never underestimate the appeal of a holiday-themed landing page. It gets the shopper in the mood to spend money. You should also not just focus on Christmas as the key holiday of the month. Branch out and place Hanukkah and Kwanzaa promotions on your site. Website logistics matter too. Your landing page should easily direct the buyer to what they are seeking.

christmas gift guide


Shoppers need to efficiently place items into their shopping cart with just one click and also be able to rapidly jump from their cart back to the shopping pages. You should dress up specific items by creating gift guides, The guides will outline why a particular product would make an ideal gift. Instead of presenting items with a typical sales pitch, consider dressing up the descriptions with a bit of humor or show exactly why the specific item is a great Christmas gift idea that would be on everyone’s wish list.

SEO Importance

Gearing your landing page towards all the key holidays is also beneficial from an SEO standpoint. You want to be one of the first sites that a shopper finds when doing a Google search. Utilizing Google Trends will help you tailor specific new keywords for your site. Remember to think out of the box when it comes to keywords.

seo for holidays

What types of words are Google users typing into the search? During the winter it is not uncommon for users to search for information about winter storms, power outages, blizzards, or ice. You can combine certain core keywords with trending keywords to pull in holiday shoppers. Then after the shopper clicks on your site, you want to capture their interest with your dazzling holiday-themed page.

Give Something Away

Shoppers love perks. Anything free automatically grabs someone’s attention. You should provide certain perks such as free shipping or a free gift with purchase. Free gift-wrapping or a free personalized card with each purchase is often enough to spur a shopper to make finale the sale.

free shipping during holidays

Even gift cards to other businesses can work in your favor. You can approach the other vendor with the idea of gift cards. They can promote your site on their site and vice versa. Its free publicity for both businesses.

Holiday Email Marketing

holiday savings

During the holidays, many shoppers are more prone to check their email for holiday savings. Major retailers know this trick and usually amp up their email promotions in November and December. Creating a holiday email list for your business is a great way to remind past customers to visit your site at Christmas. You could offer a discount of maybe 10 percent or more to capture the shopper’s interest.

Social Media

social media promotion

Combine the use of social media with your website to draw in shoppers. Social media is a great way to promote specials, sales, and giveaways. You could even create a unique video that showcases your business and then post it on your social media pages.

Facebook has become extremely cost efficient for ads. Each ad draws the user’s attention. It must be composed of only 20 percent text which gives you ample space to really make the holiday ad spring off the page with holiday themes. You can easily showcase any holiday promotions.

Ad Copy

Christmas deals

Don’t forget to revamp your ad copy before you launch your holiday promotions. Ad copy is an ideal way to grab the attention of consumers with information on upcoming holiday sales and new product items. Shoppers like to view current ads and they enjoy the ads to being tailored for the holiday season.

Text Message Alerts

sms text promotion

Gathering the text numbers of your clients and sending monthly texts is a great way to promote holiday sales and new items.

Holiday Gift Sets

christmas gift sets

Depending on what your business sells, a holiday gift set is a great way to bundle several items and provide a small discount on the bulk purchase. Consumers love purchasing gift sets at Christmas time. Walk into any major department store during the holidays and you will be beset with small, medium, large, and huge gift boxes filled with a plethora of items such as makeup, perfume, foods, clothing, candles, scents, and other home items. The boxes are usually reasonably priced. Shoppers flock to gift baskets because they take the difficulty out of shopping, boxing, and even wrapping. Colorful holiday gift sets have always been a huge seller during Christmas.

Focusing on Christmas promotional ideas this holiday season can considerably increase your revenue by capturing the attention of shoppers. Once you channel shoppers to your website and have enamored them with a bevy of holiday-geared promotions, most will end up making a purchase. Many online business owners see sales double or triple during the Christmas season and there is no reason that your business cannot be one of the December success stories.

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