How to create product pages in Magento that create conversions
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Just like a traditional window shop, your Magento platform eCommerce product pages are the window to your brand and if the first impression isn’t good, the visitor will leave in a second just to find another website he likes more. It’s not only about the user’s experience, and by that we mean ease of finding the information, the type of spin you give to your product/services or how much is your website’s design pleasant to the eye. It’s more than that.

Even if you have smartly-designed product pages, if these are not optimized, your customer may never find you in the first place. Quality descriptions with good titles and keywords will increase the chances that Google and other search engines consider you a relevant result when a potential customers searches for a specific product or service in the search engine’s bar.

Yes, we are talking about page optimization and SEO but don’t worry, even if you’re not an online marketing professional you can still be on top of the game by following a our simple rules on how to create. good product pages in Magento.

Product title

Yes, we know that the product or service has a name already but in most cases, you will need to think of a good product title that reflects this specific product and makes it unique. This means that you should avoid using just the brand name in your product title. If the brand is very well known, you may use it but still, add a descriptive keyword for your product too. Keep the titles under 65 characters as search engines will index properly titles within this character limit.

When writing your product titles try to answer the following question: what would a customer type in an engine’s search bar if he was to search for this product?

Product description

Write good product descriptions

If you thought that copying your product description from somewhere else was good enough, you got it all wrong. Not only copied product descriptions may not reflect on the product’s qualities, but you may also be penalized by search engines as this will be considered duplicated content. Basically, there’s no easy way out of it; you need to write a good, informative and easy-to-understand description that highlights the product and its uses.  Remember to use descriptive keywords, including the one used in the product title.

Product images

How many times have you heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”?

Well, scientific studies have proven that this is very much true: when looking at a page, what we notice first are images. This is why you have to choose your product image very careful; it has to be high-quality, larger rather than smaller, show the product clearly and if possible, show what the product can do.

Also, each image should be named appropriately and match the product title.

Product price

The product price should be easy to spot and placed either next to the product image or right under the product description, on the right. Make sure to highlight the price either by using the bold option or by applying a larger font size.

Shipping fees

If your products are not delivered for free, you must inform the customer of the shipping costs. The ideal solution would be to place the shipping cost right below the product price. In addition, you could also add the total price for the product purchase so the customer knows what he is going to be charged in total.

Call to action buttons and links

If you’re good enough in your efforts to interest the possible customer into buying your product, the next step is for him to click on “Add to cart”, “Add to basket” or “Proceed to check out” buttons/icons.

You want these buttons to be always in the customer's eyesight while he or she is scanning your product page. Put the icons right under the price or next to images and make them visible to the customer.

Positive product reviews

Enabling customers to rate products or leave reviews is more important than ever. Today there are so many products with similar features that even 1 positive review can make the whole difference.

If you’re worrying about negative feedback, think of it as a good way to understand the products you should be taking off your website. Negative reviews tell you what the customers like and if you feature what they don't like, they won't like your brand either.

Discounts and deals

You may not be thrilled about this one, but giving out daily deals will get you ahead of the competition and in the long run, you will sell more products even if the price per product earns you less with each purchase.

If you simply can’t go below the price of your competitors, think of a way to award your customers for purchasing your product. Perhaps a deal on the next product they buy, free shipping for loyal customers, a gift for buying more than one product in just one day.

Videos and social media

Showing how the product looks like, works or what it does in a  video is a huge advantage. Anything that adds value to the quality of the product is a huge advantage. Moreover, make sure you enable customers to share what they just bought via social media or email.

They might want to inform they friends about their latest purchase and there’s no better promotion than word of mouth; in this case, click of mouse!

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