The 3 eCommerce trends you must know about to turn one-time customers into your brand’s fans

Looking back at 2014 and various data regarding the boom of eCommerce and online sales, one thing we know for sure: this is just the beginning of an era when almost everything there is to buy will be purchasable via webshops from anywhere in the world. Moreover, not only you can almost buy thin air if you wanted (actually you now can buy canned air from a tropical island on eBay), but the revolution also lies in how quickly you get the service delivered or the product at your door. Whether the seller is in your country or on the opposite side of the globe, delivering times are the same or delayed by so little that it does not impact the buyer’s experience.

Lets look at the data rather than tell truths based on eCommerce trends perceptions. In 2014, eCommerce sales reached $1.3 trillion globally. Global eCommerce sales are expected to reach $1.7 trillion this year, up by more than 17% from last year’s total*. The country that practically lives to buy online is China, followed by the US, United Kingdom Japan and Germany**. However, even the smallest and most remotely located countries have had amazing growth in stats when it comes to buying online and let’s be honest, hard to predict the opposite when internet gives you any product at your hand, even the one that will be available near you in months time.

With the spreading force of the internet among all social strands and with no limits in gender, age or country of origin when it comes to accessing online web stores, the predictions for the eCommerce market are as rosier as ever.

Pretty thrilling to own a webshop at this time, isn’t it?

Anyone with an eye for business and market investments either already entered this very profitable line of business or is certainly thinking to do so. Probably including you. The question is, what will it take for your webshop or website providing services to turn potential customers into buyers and loyal fans of your brand?

As good as it all sounds up until now, it’s not enough to sell products online and expect to be a millionaire by morning. This is why we tell you about the latest trends in eCommerce that separate those who thrive and those who actually lead the game at this time.

We know the answer to this one: it’s not about the product, it’s all about the service

No matter what you sell online, even if it’s a service or product targeting the most niche of markets, in this age of easy discovery over the internet you will be able to find your target audience. So will your competitors unfortunately.

This is why you need to think about what makes your customers' buying experience on your website a simply unique one. Think of what would make your own buyer’s experience ideal and what would make you a smiling customer if you were the one looking to buy the product you're currently selling. In the mean time, what we can help you with is telling you what is indispensable for your customer to even consider buying from you in the first place.

Go mobile: eCommerce has already gone mobile a while ago


According to market research, in 2014 a whooping 33% of product orders where made from a mobile device***. Now lets be clear on one thing, even if the purchase was made on a desktop device, people mostly searched for products using their mobile. Not that surprising if you think about how often we use our mobile to kill time or do things on the go.

So if your webstore is not yet optimized for mobile viewing, it’s time to take some action. You may even consider an m-commerce app to take the buyer's experience even further and allow for customers more friendly mobile purchases.

Social media makes your product discoverable to millions in one click

Another striking report by states that by the end of 2014, more than half of all traffic to eCommerce websites came from mobile device. This trend matches a related one highlighting the rise of social media in driving traffic to mobile phones. That means unless you’re leveraging your brand’s offerings on social media, you are failing for people to discover your business.

Even if organic traffic still accounts for most purchases made online, when it comes to an audience of new users who suddenly decide they simply must have your product or service, social media is the go-to place for marketing.

Your potential customers shop whenever, wherever


You may have your own working time but your customers will still choose to buy whenever, wherever. This mans that the services you offer must be available around the clock. This also means that delivery times and customer service must be on top of your game. There are more than one ways to make sure your brand’s offerings are always available, delivered on time and the purchasing process runs smoothly, always. You may want to think about automation or outsourcing if you think this may help in making all the departments of your brand available to the customer 24/7.

As long as customers know you are always there for anything they might want, need, ask for, they might just choose your brand for life.



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