What is RMA (+Best Free RMA Software We Found!)

Return Merchandise Authorization or Return Materials Authorization (RMA) is basically an arrangement set up by the manufacturer or supplier of a product, allowing a customer to return a purchased item for a refund, exchange, or credit.

Return Merchandise Authorization or Return Materials Authorization (RMA) is basically an arrangement set up by the manufacturer or supplier of a product, allowing a customer to return a purchased item for a refund, exchange, or credit.

It is more or less similar to the tracking number you use to find and track a product, except that an RMA will also ask the customer the reason for their return initiation and where the refund should be sent. Simply put, most companies require an RMA from customers in order to accept their returns.

what is RMA

In general, RMA is considered to be of high importance for those products that are sold online. This is mainly because of the fact that customers don’t have the ability to completely inspect a product they are purchasing online and can depend only on the pictures and product description given on the ecommerce website.

In other cases, an RMA can also be used for a technology related product, including software, and here returns will be accepted if the product is still within its warranty period or the software package is sealed.

Types of RMA

Some of the widely known RMA types are:

✓ Repair – product repair.
✓ Replacement – involves sending a replacement product to the customer with product return.
✓ Credit only – provide a refund to the customer without product return.
✓ Receipt and credit – receive a returned product and provide the customer with a refund.
✓ Receipt and no credit – receive a returned product but provide no refund.
✓ Repair and invoice – repair a product and provide the customer with an invoice for the same.

Best Free RMA Software

Following are some of the best free RMA software we found for you to consider:


RMAPortal is one of the widely preferred software applications available out there to cater your RMA needs. It 


helps with the facilitation and management of product returns, enabling businesses to easily and quickly establish a web-based product return software solution of their own.

The fact that the software is easy to use, with clear and simple instructions, makes it a great choice even for those with less or no technical knowledge on the front. The highlights of this software would definitely be its ease of use, quick deployment, and user-friendly interfaces.

Some of the features you can expect from this software are: front-end RMA portal, custom domain name, customizable content, multiple vendor receiving centers, ads, instant availability upon signup, and multiple vendor CSR accounts.

Based on the features you would like to have, you can choose between their Free/Basic Account, Gold Account, Platinum Account, Enterprise 1 Account, and Enterprise 2 Account.

Third Wave

Third Wave is one of the trusted SAP Business One partners that helps businesses automate and integrate 

third wave

various processes required to develop their company, with their adaptable solutions and hands-on expertise from industry experts.

Return Materials Authorization is one of the company’s operations, which enables you to seamlessly approve and track returns.

This software gives you the ability to configure it based on your business rules, which helps maintain consistency throughout the process.

Along with performing the other RMA activities, you can also inspect returned products and carry out other pertinent steps as well.


WorkWise is an award-winning ERP and CRM software solutions developer, also offering implementation and 

work wise software

support services.

The RMA application from the company comes with all the features you need to manage returns from your customers, including receiving returned items, tracking and documenting RAM requests, approving or denying claims, and more.

Some of the features you get from the software are: create credit memos, record and document RMA requests, approve or deny claims, attach multiple items to a single RMA, issue credits, and communicate RMAs through fax or email.


MRPeasy is a web application development company, the focus on which, as their name suggests, is to provide a 

MRP easy

robust and sophisticated MRP system that is accessible to businesses of all sizes.

In addition to providing highly functional software solutions, including RMA, the company is also known to deliver excellent customer support, which makes it a popular choice among businesses of different sizes and types.

They offer four different packages: Starter priced at $49, Professional priced at $69, Enterprise priced at $99, and Unlimited priced at $149.

The pricing is for one user per month for first 10 users only, and the features you get to use vary with the plan you choose.


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