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We’ve raved about Magento many times in our articles. We’ve also reviewed each of the editions of this amazing platform and made sure our readers had all the pros described in order to make a smart choice when either implementing or upgrading their eCommerce website. Today we are going to take a quick look at the eCommerce platform Magento’s latest version to hit the eCommerce market: Magento 2.

eCommerce platform Magento 2

Released on Nov 17, 2015, after a few month of being tested in beta, Magento 2 seriously improved some of its most important features  (not that these had any quality issues in the first place).

With the 2.0 version, managing this already top notch quality software gets even easier and more sophisticated at the same time.

To give you a better idea of what are the key highlights of 2.0, we’ve rounded up the ones we truly think are a game changer:

1. A new UX

Magento Admin gets a brand new UX that is extremely touch friendly and mobile/tablet screen adapted. This UX offers greater control thanks to custom views, configurable columns, drag and drop reordering and flexible data grids.

2. Better product import/export options

Products can now be entered faster, as much as 100,000 records in about 25 minutes.

3. Improvements concerning checkoutMagento 2 platform

A faster checkout is now possible thanks to the automatic recognition of registered users based on their emails. Also, adding one’s billing address is now required only when payment is due.

4. Attribute swatches improvements

Up until now we had image swatches to choose from; now there are colour and text swatches too!

5. Better performance and scalability

Performance and scalability has been improved both on the client (image compression, caching static content in browser, etc.), and server side (layout performance, HHVM compatibility etc.).

Moreover, 2’s scalability catalogue is improved to:

  • 200,000 pageviews/hour without VarnishMagento 2 performance
  • 10 million pageviews/hour with Varnish
  • 5,000 categories
  • 1.5 million products

Scalability checkout is improved to:

  • Magento Enterprise Edition 90,000 orders/hour
  • Magento Community Edition 50,000 orders/hour
  • More than 300 users on order

6. Performance improvements

These include catalog (end to end) performance improvements and operations with cart improvements (over 50% reduction in both cases).

7. A new Magento Connect

Magento connect has been improved for search and quality as well as being easier to upload, sell or track. Also, automated scans for code safety, vulnerabilities and plagiarism have been introduced.

8. A simple migration from M1 to M2

For those who will be upgrading to Magento 2, the extendable migration tool will allow a very simple migration. The tool is compatible with Enterprise Edition 1.11 to 1.14 and Community Edition 1.7 to 1.9.

These are just a few key improvements we are excited about. To get a more comprehensive view of all the updates of the M2 platform, you should watch Magento’s video recorded webinar on M2’s edition.

For any questions regarding a particular update you would like to know more about or simply a thing you’re interested in, shoot us an email and our team of Magento developers will get back at you asap.