What is Product Information Management and why it’s at the core of successful pim_badgeecommerce services?

Most eCommerce businesses that navigate the digital age and are rapidly expanding on their online product portfolios come to a point when further growth means finding novel solutions to manage all product and sales related data across online platforms with an all-in one formula; better yet if easy-to-use and updated in real time.

In simple words, a Product information Management (alias PIM, PCM or Products MDM) software tool (Magento) becomes essential to gather, organise, update, analyze and publish all the marketing, sales and technical information on products and product portfolios.

A PIM tool has 4 primary functions that are delivered in one single place:

✓ to gather all webstore product data in a single repository
✓ to allow data organisation, classification, enrichment and translation
✓ to simplify data extraction
✓ to disseminate or import data from and to other sources



SUPPLY – Key data related to product is fed to your on-site or in the cloud PIM via APIs, external systems (ex. ERP), suppliers database or other. We will assist you with that.

ENRICH – PIM enables you to manage a set of options aimed at organising and classifying all product information (technical specs, prices, composition, labels, language translations, etc.) in a few clicks. The best part is you do it once but use and re-use all the product specs across any channel of your choice (digital or print), with multiple options to adapt the data to each channel. We teach you how to do that and it will take you less than a handful of minutes.

PLAN & RELEASE – Once all data is in place, it takes just one more click to publish it across any sales or marketing channel in real time. This results in feeding all of your targeted customers with consistent and relevant information across different platforms, all at once. In a single click.

PUBLISH – – when the product information is available via all your sales channels, it is time for you to sit back and enjoy the ride. Once is saved and sent out, all changes that are made to the product afterwards are logged and sent automatically to all activated channels that are registrated to the PIM. So everyone has updated info all times.

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