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Often companies approach us without knowing whether they actually require a software developed - or should they simply buy a ready-made solution? This is what we call the ‘build vs buy’ struggle.

A custom software solution grants business scalability, flexibility, seamless integration with other enterprise solutions, a competitive advantage of having a software adapted to your business model - rather than your model flexing to fit a ready-made solution.


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AngularJS, CSS, Javascript, NodeJS, React, VueJS, Vuestorefront, Magento 2, Reaction Commerce, PHP


Scrum process

We utilize a Scrum framework which allows us to apply Agile principles to our everyday work.

Scrum helps us keep up to date to always changing conditions and user requirements. Scrum teams such as ours are cross-departmental, meaning they include designers, developers, testers, UX designers.

So what is the benefit of Scrum? All the team members are specialized in specific areas and teach and train each other, sharing information on a daily basis. The working process is based on short release cycles that enable efficient adjustments and super-fast deliveries.

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Here’s a good example

Interactive project management software and collaboration hub for teams and companies who wish to share, communicate and plan using an efficient and easy-to-use tool.



Each user can edit the project management boards in real-time. Other members of the team will see the changes made by anyone in real-time, without the need to refresh their page.



Roadmap is a tool to show short-term project plans as well as where you are going in the long run. It has nice features such as sharing public links directly to clients - it will show changes in real-time avoiding issues that come from information getting to the right people and on time.



This module is a feedback module that will give the user clear overview of statuses, spent hours and performance on your active projects.

We are also great at eCommerce development

Are you an entrepreneur selling goods and services online? A company with a webshop? We are specialized in eCommerce development and can help you grow your business by making your online shop a unique of a kind experience for your customers!

More on eCommerce development

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