eCommerce development

We construct interactive webshops that are beautiful to look at and even more beautiful to browse and buy from.

All the functionalities we implement are easy to use both on the backend and by your customers - for an effortless online shopping experience aimed at making you and your clients happy.

We combine Magento 2 as a backend and Vuestorefront as frontend technology. That way we can achieve future proof PWA setup which massively improves the conversion rate and makes your webshop actual money making machine!


Why Adobe Magento Commerce?


Unlimited possibilities

There is no other eCommerce platform that offers as rich online shopping experiences as Magento commerce does. With this eCommerce solution, you get absolute customization, effortless 3rd party integration, unique and engaging features - everything you need to make a customer come back for more.

Enterprise ready solution

Magento Commerce is a platform designed to support growth and business scalability, as well as enterprise-level performance.


Magento solutions partner

Zaproo has been officially approved to join the Magento Family, we are now a Magento Business solution partner. Solution Partners are trusted consulting companies who help merchants create engaging customer experiences using Magento Commerce.

Stages of eCommerce development

We work with our clients from the very beginning by supporting their business idea to turning it into an online presence and a fantastic brand that offers a unique shopping experience to their customers.

This is how it works:

ecom-steps-img ecom-steps-img-mob

From a business idea to launching a brand online, there are many steps to take. Thanks to our team of members specialized in everything you may need including design, coding, customizing ad-hoc solutions, testing and deploying a final product that simply works, you are guaranteed to like what you get.

Progressive Web App
and Magento 2 as backend.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are widely used in the web tech world. We are bringing the same tech to eCommerce, by helping our clients to implement secure and optimised shops based on modern technologies. Magento and the technology we master, Vuestorefront can work together seamlessly, bringing together enterprise ready eCommerce functionality with mordern user experience - fast and secure.


Incredible performance

Thanks to PWA technology you can significantly improve your conversion rates and engagement while lowering bounce rates.

Native functionalities

Take advantage of push notifications, home-screen access, and full-screen mode. Make sure the store works in offline mode, eveb with poor connection and on any device.

All devices and platforms

A 100% responsive and smooth shopping experience without developing apps for different web browsers and platforms like iOS and Android.

PWA technology powered by our official partner:


Other platforms we use



is an award-winning software, which delivers significant business value by breaking up data silos that exist in many enterprises.



is a global leader in Product Experience Management (PXM) solutions that help merchants and brands deliver consistent and enriched customer experiences across all sales channels,

We are also good at custom software development

We create unique technology applications that offer custom features off-the-shelf solutions don’t offer. This means we are able to produce a solution tailored to your business and specific to what your business needs and wants to offer to its customers.

You tell us all about your business, we propose custom solutions that grant your customers a one of a kind user-experiences when interacting with your business platform.

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