UX / UI design

Our User Experience designers are focused on finding the best way to provide an effortless user journey when browsing your website; our User Interface designers work on tangible elements that help create an awesome user experience!


The Difference Between

UX And UI Design

UI design

UI design is all about making a technology for the people - intuitive, easy and interactive.

Our UI designers work hard to make sure the areas where users interact with the services or products offered are nothing less than super-sleek; meaning a breeze to use, beautiful to look at, as well as responsive and adaptable.

UX design

UX design is all about the user experience. Our UX design team specializes in making sure the users interact with your products or services in the most rewarding way there is - for a unique experience that will leave an impression.

Usability, user adaptability, and functionality are the keywords to our UX design processes. Whatever we do, our goal is to give such a delightful user experience that customers will have no choice but to come back for more.


User experience

design process

To give you a deeper understanding of the way we work on UI/UX design, take a look at the process we put in place:

check User demographics
check Define user goals
check Define user challenges
check Define metrics and form hypotesis
check User personas
check User scenarios
check User testing
check User experience map
check Wireframes
check Moodboard
check Mock-ups
check Style guide
check Usability tests
check Review metrics
check Track usage
check Inform next iteration
check Stick to the design
check User testing
check Debug
check Support

Here’s a good example

Feel free to browse some of our previous work. We are proud of all of the projects we worked on in the past years and if you would like to see more, contact us and we will send you our portfolio for viewing.

Landing page UX/UI design based on user stories

Examples of UX/UI landing pages, designed following the best principles to offer a simple user experience when browsing the website.

Optimised layout for product pages

We work on layouts that are 100% optimized for product and service pages. Regardless of your industry, type of products and services offered, we find the best layout to suit product organization and page display.

Eye catching overview of a catalog

Catalog designed and displayed in the most eye-catching way; we look for the best approach in order to make your products stand out in a clean, professional layout.

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