Customer engagement is essential for all businesses, and it becomes the responsibility of a company’s marketing executive to use viable marketing strategies to succeed in the same.

With cutthroat competition in every industry and the number of players in a sector constantly increasing, it is becoming more and more difficult and expensive for businesses to attract potential new customers.

Also, customer engagement is not something that can be achieved in an instant, but rather something that requires a lot of work and efforts from your end, and customer re-engagement is a crucial aspect that can make a bigger impact on the result. This is where push notifications come into play.

Push notification has been adopted as one of the main marketing strategies in different industries, including finance, e-commerce, insurance, retail, publishing, and more.

These are basically quick and small updates that the users of your website will receive from your end on their desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

When the visitors of your website subscribe to your site, they will be sent notification even when they are not active on your website, and the destination of the notification will be the landing page of your choice.

Using this technique gives you the ability to reengage with your potential customers.

Tips for High Conversion Rates in Push Notifications

Analyze User Behavior

When you keep sending push notifications to your users without knowing their behavior, the least to be said is that your marketing efforts will end up in vain.

In addition to ignoring your notifications, they are most likely to block the same as well.

Therefore, to avoid such instances, the best thing to do is to analytics tools and analyze user behavior and categorize them based on their preferences.

This gives you the ability to treat each category with a different plan, thereby convincing the users in the category to attend to the push notifications from your website.

Keep Your Messages Concise

If you are not aware of this already, know that push notifications allow you to use only limited number of characters to carry your message along to your website’s visitors, which makes the job really difficult.

As a marketer, you need to wisely use what is available to you and make sure that there are no compromises made when it comes delivering your brand’s message.

Location Based Notifications

Sending out location based push notifications is another effective way to drive user engagement as well as sales, and this is one technique that works for both onsite and offsite businesses.

For instance, you can send out notifications about the upcoming weather condition in a specific region and highlight related products that are on sale on your website. Following similar procedures is a sure-fire way to attain more conversions.

Personalized Messages

Send out personalized messages to users by analyzing their behavior, as discussed above, and segmenting accordingly.

When people receive notifications that match their intentions, they will be able to connect with the same, thereby taking the next step to making a purchase on your website.

Instead of sending the same message to all the users on your subscription list, send individualized messages based on the interest they displayed accessing specific products or services on your website, and include any special offers that are available for the same.

Time it Right

No matter what marketing strategy you choose, or the technique you use in your push notifications, you need to time it right in order to achieve success in your campaign.

As a matter of fact, sending out push notifications to your potential customers can actually help increase your conversion rates by a considerable percentage. You can do this easily by scheduling your notifications.

Using push notification tools like PushEngage can help you with this; for instance, the tool will give you all the necessary information required to know when your users will be active and are likely to act on your notifications, and more.

So, how do you know that your website or app is on the right track when it comes to conversions? Here are some aspects to look at:

  • The number of push notifications delivered
  • Open rate on those notifications
  • Click-through rate
  • Launching of the app after users received your push notifications
  • Total sales after notifications
  • The duration people spent on your website after receiving push notifications
  • Re-engagement after the delivery of notifications

When you are in the retail business, it is vital that your business stays ahead of the competition, and one way to do this is by improving customer engagement. The wise use of push notifications can help you achieve just that.