website redesign

The ecommerce landscape is constantly evolving. With more and more brick-and-mortar stores closing down, due to the increasing popularity of online shopping, even some of the leading retailers are starting to double down their efforts in making their ecommerce platform more prominent.

While ecommerce is already changing at a rapid pace, it is “expected to change at an even faster rate”. As a result, in order to keep up with the rapidly changing ecommerce scenario, as an online store owner, you need to make sure that your online store ticks all the right boxes to attract and retain customers, and of course to make profits.

So, if it has been too long since you redesigned your ecommerce store, or you just don’t want to lose the new opportunities that are about to come your way, now would be the best time to consider redesigning your site.

Ecommerce Website Redesign

Redesigning your ecommerce website is one of the most challenging and complex projects you will come across in your online business venture, because it obviously involves a lot of work. It is one of those projects that requires proper planning and predetermined goals, and while it is good to have expectations, you should also make sure that your expectations are real enough to be met.

As mentioned before, with online shopping growing in popularity and the introduction of numerous new online stores and established brands revamping their online presence, in order to be able to succeed in this highly competitive market, investing in your ecommerce store redesign is one of the best and wise investments you make.

Questions to Ask Yourself

If you are still hesitant about starting the website redesign process for your ecommerce store, or need some reassurance, we will discuss in detail 5 solid reasons to redesign your online store. But, before that, there are a few other things you need to know about.

Website redesign process

Before beginning with the process of redesigning your ecommerce site, you need to understand the website redesign scope. ask yourself the following questions just to make sure that this is the right time for the same:

  • Do you really like how your ecommerce platform looks right now?
  • How are your customers rating your website? Have you come across any negative reviews? How many of those are website related?
  • Are you unable to include certain advanced functions and features on your platform?
  • Is your ecommerce store’s Google ranking poor? Would you like to improve your site’s standing?
  • Does your website content require proper coordination?
  • Are the maintenance costs too high for your liking?
  • Is there more than one way your website’s user interface could use some tweaking to improve customer experience?
  • Do you think your revenues could be higher and your site could exceed that of your competitors?

Reasons to Redesign Your Ecommerce Store

Following are 5 valid reasons that tell you if your ecommerce store needs to be redesigned:

1. No or Low Conversions

When you find that there is no or low conversions on your ecommerce platform, it is definitely time to redesign your website. Even if the traffic to your website is great, what really matters is how many of those visitors actually buy from you. The reasons behind people not shopping at your online store could be many, some of which are:

  • Lack of new and interesting features
  • Outdated content
  • Boring features on pages
  • No offers and/or discounts
  • Very slow website loading time

With so many options available out there, you can improve your conversion rate only by making sure that your website is everything your visitors expect it to be. For this, you should start analyzing your site from a user’s perspective. Gather visitor and customer feedback, analyze people’s behavior on your site, see what’s trending in your industry, and add information and features to your website that users will find handy.

2. Obsolete Technology

Technology is something that changes really fast and this applies to the online world as well. In order to cope with the changing technologies, you need to update your ecommerce site with the latest in technology to enhance its overall functioning and also user experience.

So, if you know that your website has been using inefficient or outdated software, redesign your store with state-of-the-art design tools and software.

3. No Omnichannel or Omni-device Support

It is vital for ecommerce platforms to embrace the power of omni-device and omnichannel support, because it is an undeniable fact that more and more customers will start using digital devices for shopping.

Omni-device support

Therefore, if your current website design isn’t responsive, i.e., doesn’t open efficiently on different platforms and devices, then you are most likely missing out on a big chunk of buyers. Be sure to optimize the user experience of your online store for mobile devices as well.

4. Too Many Steps

Regardless of the product(s) you sell, what’s key to your ecommerce platform is its front end, which is the area that visitors see. One way to add an advantage to your online store is, obviously, by making your ordering system the best, which typically comes down to reducing the number of steps involved in placing an order.

To do this, your website should include features like multiple payment options support and instant checkout, both of which will be highly appreciated by your customers.

5. Your Competitors Have Redesigned

Your reason for redesigning your ecommerce site doesn’t necessarily have to be one of the above; it could just be because your competitors are already ahead of you and have redesigned theirs.

As you would know, people always like things that are new, unique, fresh, and exciting, and when you have an older outdated website compared to the newly revamped site of your competitors, you will lose potential as well as existing customers and thus lose sales as well.

It could be one or more of these reasons that have been hindering your online business and sales for long. Understand the importance of website redesign, know that the right time is now, and seek professional help to achieve success in your ecommerce store redesigning process.