A Magento support package you won’t find anywhere else. Period.

If you’re a webstore owner you certainly know the headaches that come with managing an eCommerce platform and most of all, the nerve-wracking admin tasks you simply can’t avoid. eCommerce is the reality of most businesses today and unless you’re armed with an array of professionals doing your administration, marketing, copywriting, sales and support, it can be a real challenge to turn the business into a successful venture that earns you a living.

Sure, with time and a lot of patience anyone can learn the tricks of the e-trade, what platform to use, how to use it and the easiest way to manage it, but is it the best way too? Sometimes it takes a little professional help from the outside to give you that one advantage that will turn your webshop from just another website selling stuff into the website selling stuff your audience is prepared to pay for.

These days Google is your mentor and your go-to for finding out the best trends in web design, what customers like, how to start an eCommerce, how to manage a software to help you sell online. However, just like all these info is available to you, so it’s to all the folks out there looking to impress the same target audience you want to wow. That is why there are times you simply need to reach out to those nerds who have been in it from the start, from the very beginning of 'how to make things go smoothly' on the internet.

We’re exactly that person that has been building eCommerce websites for ages now and you know what, being in the game for so long teaches you tips and tricks that you will hardly find in one of those “5 rules to make your eCommerce successful” articles.

As IT professionals with years of experience in helping clients turn their vision in something that earns them money and looks nice, we have learned what to expect at each step of the way and what to do when the unexpected turns up.

Your Magento support can’t be Google, and if it is, you’re in trouble

Magento is today’s most popular eCommerce platform to develop a feature rich, easy-to-manage webshop. It’s a truly great solution with a diverse range of packages that can be ideal for the girl selling home-made jewelry from her couch to companies with many ranges of lines and products needing an advanced platform with many options and integrated features.

Just like any other software or program, you can easily find Magento instructions, how-to’s and tutorials online. However, what Google won’t find you is a tutorial or instructions tailored to your vision, the way you want your webstore to function and provide a unique buyer’s experience that sets you apart from your competition and doesn’t fail you, ever.

What Google will find is us, a team of professionals working in Magento and supporting clients everyday, at any time, as working hours do not apply to the virtual world, do they?

A Magento support package that fit your business and yes, your pocket too

Let’s cut the story short and tell you exactly what we are. We're Magentoi fanatics. We love getting into Magento deep-logics and all services related to the technical side of an online business such as server management.  Yes, unfortunately you need to think about these things, fortunately, we can think about these things for you.

But lets be more specific, when we say we support you, we really do:

  • We have a 24/7 monitoring service in place and we can quickly fix any errors that may occur, but also manage or configure servers if needed
  • We monitor: Magento performance, server performance, security issues, all scripts and their correct running
  • If requested, we add FPC (custom made Full Page Caching) for super-fast website running (up to 400% faster)
  • Our technicians tune servers to run Magento the best possible way
  • We give you the possibility to have visualized search specific analytics (if using our search extensions)
  • We do custom development on all Magento versions
  • We also do custom support packages for any Linux or Windows based system a client already has in use

As for the prices (and we know that’s what you’ve been wondering if you made it past the first paragraph of this article) it depends on you. We need to hear what we’re dealing with and what you want exactly so we can calculate the time we need to put in to make everything perfect for you.

We promise to come up with a monthly price that gets you what you want for the most reasonable fee out there. And you won’t have to pay for all the Magento love we already have.

Are we any good?

Well, our developers have Magento Certified Plus certifications which is a pretty good thing to have under your belt if you need a Magento know-all person. Moreover, brands like Tele2, CGI, Bauhaus and CarrieAlong thought we were pretty good. In fact, they hired us to do the job and honestly, so should you.


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