If you are running a business through your Magento website, it’s essential that you have decent Magento web support. Not every issue can be solved in-house, and you need to know that you have quick access to support when you need it.

However, you don’t always know how often you’re going to need a support technician. That’s why more and more companies are turning to outsourcing their Magneto web support, rather than hiring a full-time support technician.

free magento supportThe good news is that because Magento is open source, it’s the world’s biggest Ecommerce platform. That means that there is an online world of people who are versed in Magento, and support is available in varying degrees. From advice chat rooms to paid support, you can find the level of assistance you need for your own skill level.

Maybe you’re quite technically savvy and just need some advice, or maybe you don’t have time to manage the technical side of your website at all, and just want to hand issues over to someone you can trust. We have a list of resources that may be able to help you.

Advice Platforms

There are quite a few out there.

If you are a developer and you just need a few pointers on something, this is one way you could get that advice.

The risk is that you never really know who you’re speaking to, and their advice might be wrong! If you follow a tip that destroys your website it could end up costing you a lot to fix. And there is absolutely no one to hold accountable for it.


Another option is to find yourself a part-time freelancer on a suitable platform. UpWork is a great Freelancer platform because you can read genuine reviews on your freelancer before you hire them. They have a strict screening policy which makes it impossible for freelancers (or clients) to fake reviews.

hire a team

If you choose to go to a freelancer you should be prepared to try a few before you find a perfect fit for your company. Once you do, you will most likely want to employ them on an ongoing basis, allocating them a certain number of hours a week.

Make sure you run a trial exercise with them before signing them up on a part-time basis.

The only other drawback with a freelancer, is that you must know a bit about the work you want them to do if you are going to be able to tell if they are any good or not.

Specialist Magento Support Companies

More and more companies are turning to outsourcing their Magento web support. Many Magento Web hosting companies will offer free support to their in-house customers. Some will have a free support period and then you will have to pay for additional support thereafter.

Below is a list of our top 3 Magento Support Companies.


Nucleus offers a tiered support system with each tier catering to a specific set of needs. They also don’t ask a monthly premium, and because some jobs are so quick to solve, they charge in fifteen-minute intervals. They also don’t charge a project management fee. The only down side? They are a little pricey. With each tier having its own pricing system.

Level one support: $75 per hournucleus magento support

  • Frontend Only
  • Theme styling updates
  • Layout changes
  • Magento admin questions
  • Magento training

Level two support: $150 per hour

  • Customisation, server support, bug fixes
  • Frontend and backend bug fixes
  • Complex frontend logic
  • Magento extension installation and removal
  • Magento extension customizations
  • Backend development
  • Custom functionality
  • Server maintenance and consulting
  • Security reviews and malware scans
  • Magento security patches

Level three: Urgent Support: $300

This level is for priority ticketing of urgent site issues. Only available Mondays to Fridays during business hours.

Screen Pages

Screen Pages offers full support to existing Magento websites.

Screen Pages specialises in web migration. So, if you have a website that you want the hosting moved on they are very able to help you with that.

They also offer a range of fee-based support to Magento websites who are hosted else-where.

However, Screenpages requires you to export your website to their test environment before they will assess what needs to be fixed on your site. The costing on their three-step system is only available after they have done a full assessment.

Screenpages works to the following three-step system:screenpages support

Step 1

  • Export and install
  • Export your website via access to the Magento Admin Panel and FTP sites via “administrator” access
  • Obtain back-up of your existing SQL database (& “administrator” access)
  • Build a version in our test environment & include in our version control and software management system
  • Make your website operational in our test environment

Step 2

  • Diagnose and remedy any technical issues
  • Inventorise any website operational issues (functional and configuration)
  • Scope and implement changes (after client agreement)
  • Deploy website to a staging environment for client testing
  • Quality assurance (full end-to-end testing)
  • Client website system testing and acceptance

Step 3

  • Re-launch
  • Make live (& re-point domains)
  • Ongoing support and maintenance under Screen Pages SLA

Zaproonuber 1

That’s right! We offer Magento Support right here at Zaproo.

Our hosted clients and development clients receive basic support automatically as part of their hosting fee. If you would like to migrate your companies hosting to us to take advantage of these benefits, please feel free to get in contact with us.

We also offer Magento Support services to anyone out there who has a Magento website.

Our client support team is technically trained to resolve any issue you may have with your Magento platform in the least time possible.

Zaproo understands how important your website is to your business, which is they guarantee a fast turnaround time from a dedicated team.

There will be no long waiting time. In fact, Zaproo have committed attending to the following job types in just one day:

  • website is downzaproo logo
  • ‘access denied’ error
  • admin errors
  • 500 internal server errors
  • 404 ‘not found’ errors
  • SSL errors
  • new domain configuration issues
  • database failure
  • checkout functionality errors

If you have any other requirements we will refer back to you with the shortest possible turn-around time.

The support team wants to make your life easier, so, you will receive useful tips, tricks, and guidelines to enable you to work more easily in Magento.