Magento Virtual Private Server Hosting

To make our current and future clients as happy as ever, we always look out to improve our services and offerings. This is why we are thrilled to announce a new service that adds up to custom solutions packages available to choose from on our website. As of now, we offer Magento Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting which includes many benefits for Magento webshop owners. We highlight the following that might just give you an idea why we’re recommending VPS to specific clients:

  • the VPS is a full virtual operating system that allows you to run what you want and tweak more things than on a regular server; basically you get a lot more control in comparison to shared hosting
  • running on VPS reduces risks of being slowed down or impacted in any way by other websites you run along on shared hosting
  • VPS allows you to get all the benefits of having your own server while you don’t have to deal with any type of server management – we take care of that!
  • Virtual Private Servers are the optimal solution when hosting a Magento webshop: a VPS provides stability, speed, good storage and bandwidth features
  • the bandwidth features also ensure that even during traffic spikes stability and speed is maintained on an optimal level
  • with this solution, security is enhanced and there are encryption options that allow us to protect your sensitive data from theft and hack attacks
  • VPS are also a great back up server as well as a testing or monitoring solution for your main website

We understand that you may need additional info or have questions before deciding to switch to a VPS, that is why we invite you to shoot us an email and we will answer you ASAP.VPS hosting

Also, keep in mind that our Magento Virtual Servers and Webshop Hosting solution is included in 3 different packages depending on your requirements in terms of number of CPU, memory, discspace and root access. The packages range from 30 to 50 EUR and include:

Hyper-fast SSD hard-drives, which are about 15 times faster than the regular ones
Backuping – to different location than our datacenter
DELL Dell PowerEdge servers
No bandwidth limits

Also, the servers are hosted in Europe and located in secure DC3 certified datacenters  with a global availability of 99,9%.

Contact us to get a free consultation based on your particular needs and requirements; our certified developers will get you the best service out there, you have out word.

Example clients who run servers on our VPS:,