How to Make the Most Out of Your Customer Testimonials
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Why use testimonials on your website? Because they give you authentic credibility.

Credibility and your Business

Credibility is probably the single most important intangible asset any Ecommerce business can possess.

Before you make a single sale, the customer has to trust you.

You can offer the best product at the best price, but if your credibility is damaged, you are not going to convert.

This is one of the biggest challenges that faces new Ecommerce businesses. Customers find it hard to hand over their credit card details to an unknown business.


The Peer Approval Model

Countless studies have shown that people trust the opinions of their peers. That is why Testimonials work. When a new customer is trying to make a purchase decision, they will be looking for information about your company and your products.

The testimonial is a powerful endorsement. It tells the new customer that others had a good experience with you. It tells them that someone is willing to put their name to your product and give it a positive review.

customer testimonials example

Your customers may not be as eloquent in their marketing language as you are, but their story will be more persuasive than yours. That is why good reviews sell.

Good reviews build your credibility.

All of this is pointless, though, if you fail to optimize the testimonials that you get.

We are going to take a look at how to make the most of your customer testimonials and how to get your customers to leave reviews in the first place.

How to Optimise your Customer Testimonials

Use Traceable Testimonials

Try to always use testimonials that can be traced back to their source. If it’s a Facebook testimonial, keep it in your feed. If it’s in some other format, keep the link of the original quote. Most people won’t look up the original reviewer, but knowing that they can makes it easier to believe it’s authentic. Allowing customers the opportunity to leave a review in the same place that you are displaying reviews can help too. Just make sure that you have set it “moderate before posting” so that you can control what gets posted to your website.

Make use of Profile Pictures

Testimonials that appear with the reviewer’s profile image (be it Facebook, Wordpress or whatever platform it is you’re drawing from) have a significantly higher click-through rate (CTR) than those that don’t have pictures.

customer profile picture

The image makes the reviewer more human. It gives them a face.

Choose Testimonials with Specific Details

The issue we often see with testimonials is that they can be vague. That leaves the customer without any real information about the experience they can expect to have with you and your product.

Instead, choose testimonials that describe specific features of your product or service which impressed the reviewer. These details give a tangible impact to the reader which is better than a sweeping statement about you.

Choose Testimonials that tell a story

Customers turn to testimonials for an emotional response to your service. Stories make you relatable and real. They give the customer a real life feeling for what your product can do for them. They may even be in the same position as the reviewer!

Display Testimonials based on the target customer

where to put customer testimonials

Customers relate best to reviewers who are the most like themselves. Which is why you should choose think carefully about where to display which testimonial. If you have a specific target market in mind for a specific product, use testimonials from similar people next to that product. On your home or about pages, display a few different personalities, and make it clear that you cater for all of them.

Where to place Testimonials

In short, everywhere. You can put specific product reviews on product pages. Put testimonials about your company on the home page and about pages and share the best stories on your Social Media channels, too. Don’t just save them for a dedicated testimonials page, people might not find them.

Play the Name Game

celebrity endorsement

If you get a review from a well-loved personality or celebrity – USE IT! Even a testimonial from a well-known brand or trusted franchise can land weight to your credibility and gain you some instant publicity, too.

How to Get Customers to give you Great (useable) Testimonials

Now that you know how to use your testimonials, the next step is to make sure that you have plenty of great testimonials to use.

A good testimonial is:

  • Positive
  • Personal
  • Specific
  • Uses Authentic Language

Encourage your customers to leave you detailed reviews. Ask them questions that tell them what kind of information you want, such as:

  • What did you purchase the product for?
  • How has it helped?
  • When did you wear it?
  • How did you feel using the product?

How to get Testimonials:

Facebook Testimonials

facebook reviews

One simple place to pull in reviews is on Facebook. All you have to do is activate the “reviews” Tab in your Page settings. One good thing about Facebook reviews and testimonials is that they are automatically traceable. It’s easy for other visitors to see who wrote the testimonial, and when they wrote it.

Encourage Customers to leave a Testimonial and Review

Your customers are busy people, just like everyone else. Which is why it’s always a good idea to offer an incentive for leaving a testimonial. There are a couple of easy ways to reward customers for leaving a testimonial. You can use the same strategies across multiple platforms, too.

Ask for it Directly

If someone buys from you they will have to give you their Email address. That means you can contact them a week or two after they receive their order and ask them how they are enjoying your product. Ask them to let you know what they enjoyed the product, what they used it for, and how you could improve their experience next time.

review our product

Not only does this give you an opportunity to collect reviews, but it can also help you to constantly improve your service.

Run a competition

Weather you run a monthly competition or a seasonal campaign, people love the chance to win. Ask them to tell you about their experience with their product to stand a chance to win. Or you can ask them to leave you a review on Facebook (and like your page) in order to stand a chance to win a prize.

Set up Google and Social Mention Alerts

It’s possible that people are already out there talking about your products or your brand. Make sure you set up Google and Social Media mention alerts so that you will know every time someone mentions your products or brand. This can help you get in reviews, and also manage your online presence.

Get Video Reviews

customer video testimonial

Remember that video reviews on Social Media, Youtube and Facebook, are incredibly valuable. Keep this in mind when asking for reviews in your competitions and Emails.

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