E-mail Marketing Software: Does it Work and Is It Worth the Price?
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Email marketing can be a powerful tool for your e-commerce store, or any business, for that matter.

Companies use Email marketing (and tools for sending emails) to connect with existing customers, build brand loyalty, promote products, creating new customers, and encourage repeat business.

Depending on what Email software you choose to use, you can create Email lists that allow you to personalise and tailor the email sending to specific people, according to their lifecycle history with your company.

email marketing softwares

This makes it possible to send highly personalised and relevant content to thousands of people at the same time, without having to employ hundreds of digital administrators for your business!

The really great thing about Email marketing is the ROI (Return on Investment). Because you can reach so many people, at such a minimal cost, your return on investment can be impressive.


Compared to other, more traditional forms of marketing such as print and television, Email marketing costs very little. It’s also less costly than AdWords or Social Media paid ads.

Which is why it could be worth your while to invest in paid Email marketing software. Even with the costs of a copywriter, this is one of the cheapest forms of marketing.

What really makes Email marketing effective is the fact that it’s right inside your buyer’s inbox. If they are receiving your mails they must have signed up for them at one of your information gateways (more about that soon). That means they are already interested in your company and will probably want to hear what you have to say.

What does an Email Software Do That You Can’t?

Email software is designed to make your life easier.

about email marketing for ecommerce

Although there are many different programs, most of them offer you the same basic functionality in their own ways.

Look for software that helps you:

  • Create customised contact lists
  • Allows you to migrate customers between lists according to their shopping lifecycle
  • Allows you to create and schedule beautiful Email
  • Offers your great Email templates for different objectives
  • Allows relevant personalisation according to your data (for example First Name)
  • Reminds you when to post
  • Collects data for you on your open rate and bounce rate
  • Collects data on your click through rate
  • Provides an Unsubscribe option
  • Provides a web version

Why Pay for Email Software?

Most Email automation software offers a freemium model.

So, you may be wondering why you should bother going for the paid option.

The answer is simple: It gives you more power.

Every Email software company has hidden the best tricks in the paid bag.

There are usually a catalogue of added functionalities and bonus features in the paid model. You can compare packages and find the one best suited to your needs.

If you run a small Ecommerce business selling your own craft or fewer than a hundred items a month, or have under 500 subscribers, then the freemium model might be all you need. After all you are probably only sending out one standard newsletter to the entire list.


If you are hoping to use Email to sell to more people very month, and you see it for its marketing value, then you will realise that the annual premium on any of these platforms is still much less than you would be paying for other forms of advertising.

Our Top 3 Email Marketing Software Providers of 2017

Mail Chimp

There is a reason why you see so many Mail Chimp Emails in your inbox. It’s easy to use, well priced and offers a great fremium model for you to play around on.

email makreting software mailchimp

Mail Chimp also integrates easily with Magento, Shopify and WordPress, and other CMS platforms.

The interface is a pleasure to use and comes great templates, tools and awesome support. The drag and drop platform and easy templates make it really easy to use.

Stand features include test mails, data tracking and reports, social sharing buttons and open in browser options. Scheduling and list separation are also a breeze with Mail Chimp.

Additional Features include How to videos, delivery times based on user timezone, live chat, e-mail support, tutorials and segmentation based on geolocation.

Freemium model: Allows 2000 subscribers and up to 12 000 Emails.

Paid model starts at an entry price of $10 per month.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a fast-growing Email software service and makes a fine choice for beginners. It offers easy to use templates which are great for first time software users.

Standard features include reporting and tracking data, social sharing buttons, a home image library and 1 Gig of storage space.

constant contact email marketing

Additional Features include live chat, community support forums and a content resource library at your fingertips.

If you want to learn more Constant Contact offers online training and even live seminars in some areas.

Fremium Model: 60 day free trial period

Entry Price: $20 a month

Get Response

Another well loved Email marketing tool provider is Get Response.  This is an ideal Email marketing software platform for small business owners running their own Email marketing campaigns, and is suitable for novices.

get response

Like Mail Chimp, Get Response offers easy to use templates and a drag and drop Email builder.

Standard features include data and reporting, automation and list building.

Additional Features are what really make Get Response Shine. They offer Smart Campaigns, responsive forms and landing pages, /B Testing options and advanced tracking. Support is available via chat, Email and phone. They also offer webinars and video guides on using their products.

Get Response integrates well with other third party services such as Zendesk, SalesFOrce, OptinMonster and more.

The Freemium Model: 30 Day Free Trial

Entry Price: $15 a month

Why to Love your Email Marketing

So, you are considering Email marketing. Let’s recap the main reasons why we love it:

  • Email marketing is cost effective
  • Email marketing has a proven track record – it’s effective and successful if used properly.
  • Email marketing gives clear metrics to measure your marketing efforts by
  • Data – most servers offer automated reports and valuable data collection services.

So, Email marketing is still going strong, even if it has been around for a long time. Click here for a full comparison of features in our top Email marketing service providers.

Email marketing works, and it’s worth the price of a decent service provider.

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