We Choose Our 5 Favorite AI Tools to Use in Commerce

Not a long time ago, people across the world were concerned and feared that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will cause them to lose their jobs. Well, it isn’t something that’s going to happen anytime soon, but AI will be highly beneficial to businesses in different industries.

No Significant Financial Risk

A simple yet most used and efficient example of AI would be Alexa, from the tech giant Amazon. Alexa is one of the most advanced chatbots currently used in the market. So, is AI a concept that can be implemented only by giants like Amazon? Certainly not! You don’t require a budget of a multinational company, or even a national retailer for that matter, to be able to impress your customers with the technology. Artificial intelligence is now easier to access, use, and apply to your business than ever before.

In their 2017 State of Marketing Report, Salesforce, one of the leading AI investors and developers in the United States, revealed that AI is already being used by about 51% of marketing teams of companies from different industries. One of the main reasons for this is because of the fact that implementation of AI tools requires less time and involves less costs as well.

Questions to Ask

Even if you know and understand the benefits AI tools can bring to your business, you should have some solid reasons to invest in the same, and not just because it is the next big thing in marketing or because your top executives want you to implement the same. So, before you look at the tools that might benefit your business, here are some question to ask yourself:

✓ Is there a new tool that can help enhance certain functions for your ecommerce website?
✓ Does your business employ dated technologies that require replacement?
✓ Is there any other more efficient and less expensive AI tool available in the market?
✓ Can the use of an AI tool help complete tasks more effectively?

Our 5 Favorite AI Tools

1. Choice.AI


Best-in-class user experience (UI) and personalized recommendations are two aspects that can make an ecommerce site stand out from the rest and attain and retain customers. One AI tool that can help with both these functions is Choice.AI. This is basically a personalization engine that helps create real time personalized landing pages as well as smart banners on your ecommerce platform.

With Choice.AI, you can create and deploy smart pages, smart banners, and smart elements on your site without any coding. Giving your customers a personalized experience on your store improves the chance of attaining repeat customers, and this AI tool enables you to achieve just that.

2. Personali


In simple words, Personali is an AI tool that helps create personalized incentives based on consumer behavior to increase your sales. The ability of their Intelligence Incentive platform to bring out, accumulate, and use the emotional responses of shoppers helps businesses increase their sales and profits. This tool is ideal for medium-sized and large businesses.

3. LivePerson


When people shop on your website and have a question, they expect to be answered immediately. If you are not able to give them prompt and relevant answers, there is every chance for them to leave your online store. This is where implementing a chatbot, like LivePerson, comes in handy, especially when you are limited on customer support personnel.

Used by thousands of businesses, including The Home Depot, PNC, and IBM, LiveEngage, the company’s platform, enables customers to message you like they would their family and friends. This helps create and maintain explicit, long-terms connections with your customers.

4. Twiggle


Today’s online shoppers don’t have the time and interest to steer through numerous menus, categories, and subcategories to find a product they are looking to buy. Therefore, as an ecommerce business owner or marketing manager, you need to make sure that your shoppers get relevant results for their searches. Twiggle gives your shoppers a better search experience by connecting them to the products they are looking for more accurately and quicker.

Similar to how a normal search engine would work, this AI tool makes use of advanced technologies in natural language processing, machine learning, and more to understand your shoppers’ requirements and display relevant results, helping you make more sales.

5. Phrasee


As you might have read everywhere and heard from every industry expert you know, email marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques you can use to drive customers to your ecommerce site. However, not all are experts in content writing, and hiring expert copywriters can be quite expensive as well. Phrasee is an AI tool that eliminates this challenge; the tool, with the help of its advanced system, determines the type of content or marketing language that will best attract your target customer base.

Recently, the company also expanded their products, offering Phrasee for Facebook and Instagram, to make it much easier for their customers to have successful advertising campaigns on those platforms.


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