3 most common Magento problems that are not really issues at all

We all know that Magento is a very powerful eCommerce platform chosen by hundreds of multinational brands as well as small business owners to build and develop their online store. There are other good products out there but none has matched Magento in all its applications yet. With Magento, the user is able to develop a highly responsive website with many many options when it comes to customization and categories/product management as well as a quality platform - security and professional wise.

However, there have been complaints known to be made by new Magento users and spread in various forums with Magento-development topics. We went through all of these and there are 3 major Magento problems that users are talking about. The weird thing? From a developer’s point of view, these are not problems at all but it’s all a matter of how you approach Magento and whether you’re familiar with developing websites in general or haven’t got a clue at all.

Problem number 1: Magento is too complex

Magento is a refined platform aimed at a high professional standard to build responsive, customized eCommerce websites, not a software for someone to play around as a new hobby. What we’re trying to say is that the Zend Framework it is built upon and the high adaptability of it makes it a serious game for professionals. If you think it is simply too complex to use, it means you shouldn’t try to install or customize it by yourself.

Even if you read all the available tutorials online or step by step guides, this may help you in the first phase of building your webshop and cover the basics but if you are lucky enough to see your business grow and become successful, you will need to develop and implement additional Magento options. Unless you’re a good developer, you might have to deal with quite a bit of frustration and nerve-wracking tasks.

Solution at your hands:

Magento support

If you’re not confident enough in your skills, don’t even try to do it all by yourself. Magento is an amazing product but one wrong step in the development phase and it all can turn into a big nightmare before you even started to enjoy one single benefit of this platform.

Get the help of developers with Magento experience; even if this means spending a little bit more than you wanted to, in the long run, it will save you all the money lost while trying to fix a messy website.

Problem number 2: it’s a big software and it can turn slow

Magento is a big software and it is big for a good reason. With all the options and powerful tools it provides you with, it takes quite a bit of space on your server resources. This can result in thinking that it will be slow and vulnerable in time.

In reality it’s the opposite. As long as you carry out good and regular Magento maintenance, its performance is always going to be optimal and up to speed. After all, all things need regular maintenance to perform at their best, right? Just think of your car or washing machine!

How to prevent Magento under-performance:

First thing first: get quality server hosting! Don’t be cheap and invest in your hosting solution. Hosting issues are one of the most common reasons for Magento under performing in time. Also, index your MySQL regularly, remove unnecessary plugins, use quality payment modules and use a bulk import plugin.

These are all good ways of making sure you don’t load your server and prevent your site from working slow.

Problem number 3: where to get Magento resources and documentation

A lot of Magento users are not happy with the currently available resources to be found online. Magento is open-source and it does have one of the biggest community of developers and contributors out there. Their constant work and updates have transformed Magento into a very strong software. However, as all these developments were made available, there were no organized compilations made to track them all in one place. This resulted in lack of easy to use resources to be found in one single place.

Where to get the best documentation?

Magento resources

Magento provides good resources as long as you know how to find them. Make sure to browse through all the white papers, ebooks and material available on the Magento's website before hitting the offsite communities. Reading the material provided by Magento will help you in understanding what and where to look for when searching for additional information or resources.

We, as Magento professionals, understand that it can be a handful to manage an online eCommerce website and be on top of things at all times. This is why we are available 24/7 to all our clients looking for great Magento support and additional services such as server maintenance and hosting. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!


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