Top brands built in Magento

Praising Magento as the best eCommerce platform is something that we do often and for a good reason; in our experience of professional developers, it really is the best software to help you build an online store. We  also rounded up the benefits and most notable features of Magento Community and Enterprise, including the powerful customisation tools, open source backend and a great online community producing powerful extensions and plugins to implement depending on specific website requirements.

Whether you are a small scale online business owner or managing a fast growing website and webshop, you may still have trouble figuring out which eCommerce solution is the best one for you. Maybe you’re simply not happy with the current solution or you need to upgrade using a new software in order to match the more complex needs of a growing business. Whatever is the reason that landed you on this webpage and our article, you have obviously been snooping about Magento and considering it a viable solution.

We say yes, go for it, you will not regret it for a moment and you will make your website as effective and powerful as it can get. However, we understand you may not take our word for granted and therefore, we decided to give you a few examples of top brands built in Magento and if these big players decided it was good enough for them, it surely will be good enough for you too.


Olympus is a tech accessories brand everyone will recognize. Why? Because it's among the most authoritative out there. Olympus has a great website and webshop called GetOlympus running on Magento and we invite you to take a tour and explore their product organisation, informative and very well filled in product pages that include users' product rating, and finally an easy to navigate check out process that enables you a speedy purchase experience.

websites running on Magento


Do we need to say anything about this one? Well Nike Australia is built on Magento and if the software is good enough for this top global brand, so is for everyone, and we do mean everyone else. Nike puts to great use user rates, a very simple and user-friendly product page layout and similar product recommendation. Sometimes less is more and Nike proves it.

Nike on Magento


Another one of our favorites is Cowshed, the beauty brand. Cowshed is simply beautiful in its understated way and it perfectly highlights the products focusing on great images and product presentation through a very clean design.

Cowshed on Magento

Ford Accessories

Ford's official webshop for accessories is Magento based and this site is one of the best examples on how to use product filters as effectively as possible. Even though the product pages may appear cluttered at first with so many images and information displayed, their search option and filter options make it very easy for the user to find the specific product in less than one ortwo click. With so many product categories and product listings, this is a supreme designed webshop in terms of simplifying the buyer's experience.

Ford on Magento


The Watch Gallery

The Watch Gallery is a perfect examples of how to use 2 platforms (Magento and Silverstripe) and build a highly efficient, informative and easy to browse webshop with great product organisation and incredibly detailed product spec and description. Great way to highlight products with a lot of tech specs and of high value.

The Watch Gallery


This is just a limited selection of the websites built in Magento we like and that are very different in their layout, design, product pages and organisation. These are just some of the possibilities Magento offers and you can take inspiration from!


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